Dinner Menu


E1 Kari Puff (Curry puff) 4pcs

Minced chicken, curry, potato, onion wrapped in puff pastry

$ 8.50
E2 Popia Tod (Spring Rolls) 4pcs

Stir fried mixed vegetables & vermicelli wrapped with rice pastry

$ 8.50
E3 Deep Fries Tofu

Deep fried tofu served with Chilli sauce and crushed peanut

$ 8.50
E4 Satay Chicken 3 skewers

Grilled marinated Chicken Tenderloin on skewers served with Thai peanut sauce

$ 9.50
E5 Fish Cakes 4 pcs

Deep fried fish cakes with red curry paste and Thai herbs served with cucumber sweet chilli sauce & ground peanut

$ 9.50
E6 Chicken wings 4 pcs

Deep fried marinated chicken wings

$ 9.50
E7 Money bag 4 pcs

Minced pork stir fried with mixed vegetables wrapped in rice pastry & served with chilli sauce

$ 9.50
E8 Mixed Entrée

Combination of no. 1,2,5 and 7 one of each



L1 Tom Yum

The most famous spicy soup with onion, tomato, mushroom and Thai herbs

Chicken $9.50
Prawns $11.90
L2 Tom Kha

A very tasty soup with Thai herbs, mushroom in coconut milk

Chicken $9.50
Prawns $11.90


(Usually Thai people have salad as a main course)
S1 Namtok

Slice of grilled beef, tossed with red onion, coriander, lemon juice, ground roasted rice and chilli powder

$ 19.90
S2 Yum Nuea

Slice of grilled beef, tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, celery, red onion and chef special sauce

$ 19.90
S3 Larb

Choice of minced pork, chicken or beef with spring onion, red onion, lemon juice, Thai herbs, ground roasted rice and chilli powder

$ 19.90
S4 Yum Woonsen Seafood

Cooked vermicelli mixed with minced pork, seafood, lemon juice, coriander, spring onion & fresh chilli

$ 24.90
S5 Pla Goong

Cooked prawns tossed with lemongrass, fresh green apple and Thai herbs sauce

$ 24.90
S6 Yum Talay

Cooked mixed seafood tossed with lemon juice, celery, onion and fresh chilli

$ 24.90

Main Course

Choice of Meats
Vegetarian,Vegan $19.90
Duck $22.90
Chicken, Beef or Pork $19.90
Prawns or Mixed Seafood $24.90
Combination Meat (Beef+Chicken+Pork) $20.90
Coconut rice $3.50
Jasmine rice $2.00
Roti $3.50
P1 Pad Satay Sauce

Stir fried mixed vegetables topped with satay sauce

P2 Pad Nam Mun Hoy

Stir fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce

P3 Pad Med Mamuang

Stir fired onion, mushrooms, carrots with special chilli paste and cashew nuts

P4 Pad Khing

Stir fried fresh ginger with fresh vegetables

P5 Pad Kra Praow

Stir fried beans, bamboo shoots, carrots with chopped garlic, fresh chilli and basil

P6 Pad Priew Wan

Stir fried cucumber, pineapple, onions, tomatoes with sweet and sour sauce

P7 Pad Kratiam Prik Thai

Stir fried choice of meat with garlic and pepper sauce served with seasonal vegetables

P8 Pad Puk Ruam Mit

Stir fried mixed vegetables with soya sauce

P9 Pad Ped

Stir fried with red chilli paste, bamboo shoots, beans, carrots and a touch of coconut milk

Fried Rice & Noodle

Vegetarian, Vegan $19.90
Duck $22.90
Chicken, Beef or Pork $19.90
Prawns or Mixed Seafood $24.90
Combination Meat (Beef+Chicken+Pork) $20.90
N1 Kao Pad

Stir fried rice with egg, onion, carrots, tomatoes and spring onion

N2 Kao Pad Nam Prik Pao

Spicy fried rice with beans, onion, broccoli and cashew nuts

N3 Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodle with tamarind sauce, bean sprouts, garlic chives and ground peanuts

N4 Pad See Eew

Stir fried flat rice noodles with egg, carrots, broccoli, cabbage and bean sprouts

N5 Pad Ba Mee

Stir fried egg noodles with egg, carrots, broccoli and cabbage

N6 Pad Keemao

Stir fried flat rice noodles with bamboo shoots, carrots, green beans, fresh chilli, garlic & fresh basil

N7 Suki Yaki

Stir fried vermicelli with mixed vegetables and chef’s special spicy sauce

N8 Kao Soy

Very popular Thai style Laksa served with pickled cabbage, red onion, spring onion and coriander

N9 Beef Noodles Soup

Rice noodles soup with beef served with bean sprouts, chopped spring onion and coriande

N10 Tom Yum Noodles Soup

Thai style hot & sour noodle soup with minced pork, fish balls, spring onion, bean sprouts


Choice of Meats
Vegetarian,Vegan $19.90
Duck $22.90
Chicken, Beef or Pork $19.90
Prawns or Mixed Seafood $24.90
Combination Meat (Beef+Chicken+Pork) $20.90
Coconut rice $3.50
Jasmine rice $2.00
Roti $3.50
C1 Gang Kiew Wan

Green curry paste in coconut milk and mixed vegetables

C2 Gang Dang

Red curry paste in coconut milk and mixed vegetables

C3 Gang Panang

Panang curry paste with coconut milk with choice of meat garnish with kaffir lime leaves

C4 Gang Garee

Yellow curry paste in coconut milk with onions, potatoes and carrots

C5 Gang Paa

Spicy curry without coconut milk with Thai herbs and minced vegetables

C6 Gang Mussamun

Ancient Royal Thai curry in coconut milk with potatoes, onion and roasted peanuts

Chef's Special

CH1 Hoy Malangpu Pad Cha

Stir fried mussels meat with garlic, chilli, Thai herbs and fresh basil

$ 26.90
CH2 Kai Yud Sai

Stir fried minced pork, carrots, onion, peas, tomatoes wrapped with omelette

$ 24.90
CH3 Kao Pad Sapparod

Delicious fried rice with chicken, prawns, curry powder, onion, carrots, pineapple and cashew nuts

$ 26.90
CH4 Pad Ped Pla fish fillets

Stir fried fish fillets with chilli paste, bamboo shoots, beans and Thai herbs

$ 29.90
CH6 Pla Manow whole snapper

Steamed whole snapper topped with Thai seafood sauce

$ 29.90
CH7 Tom Yum Po Teak (served in hot pot)

Spicy hot and sour mixed seafood soup with mushrooms and Thai herbs

$ 29.90
CH8 Kang Som Pla Tod

Spicy hot and sour curry, served with deep fried snapper in hot pot

$ 29.90
CH9 Goong Pad Pong Garee

Stir fired prawns with curry powder, celery, spring onion and beaten egg

$ 26.90
CH10 Mussamun Gae

Mus-sa-mun curry paste with lamb, peanut, onions and potatoes in coconut milk.

$ 26.90
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